Reflexology You Can Do at Home

Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic healing modality that is accomplished by applying pressure to points on the hands and feet. It has been practiced in China and Egypt for thousands of years. The entire body is reflected in different areas of the hands and feet, so reflexology can be used  to give a healing treatment to any part of the body.


During and after a reflexology treatment, the recipient will experience a sensation of relaxation, decreased pain in the body, and improved circulation and digestion. There are many more positive physiological changes that also occur with consistent sessions.

Blood flow is increased, the immune system is strengthened, and every organ is given a healing treatment. Reflexology is quite effective for pain management and significantly lessens recovery time from injuries or illness. It also significantly aids digestion, relieves constipation, improves sleep, and much more. And, your poor overworked feet will love you all the more!


Don’t worry about the cost of a session. The great news is that reflexology is easy to do on oneself. I recommend daily ten minute reflexology sessions. While one can apply pressure to the points on the foot using your fingers, there is an even easier way without tiring out your hands.

golf_ball_xsIntroducing the Amazing Golf Ball!

I love to use a golf ball. Hang onto a chair, wall, or table to keep your balance while resting your foot on top of the golf ball. Press down hard enough to feel the sore areas on your foot. Move your foot in small circles on top of the golf ball, while keeping pressure on those tender areas. Work your way around the entire bottom of your foot, digging out all the tension and soreness you can find.

When you’ve finished with the bottom of each foot, sit down and use your hand to press the golf ball onto the top of your foot. Move the ball in small circles until you’ve worked on the entire top of your foot. Next, if you pick up the golf ball and sandwich it between the palms of your hands, you can give yourself a hand reflexology treatment.

A reflexology session a day will most certainly help keep the doctor away!

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