Ongoing Class – Creating Holistic Health & Wellness at Any Age!

Come learn mind-body-spirit wellness techniques and lifestyle and dietary information to create, maintain, and improve your health at any age. Attendees can pose their own health issues to the class and receive practical holistic wellness recommendations that they can use … Continue reading

Creating Health and Wellness at Any Age!

This class is designed to teach mind-body-spirit wellness techniques and provide lifestyle and dietary information to create, maintain, and improve one’s health at any age. A variety of techniques are used and taught, including but not limited to guided healing … Continue reading

Holistic Health Techniques to Create a New You!

Join us for an introduction to holistic health with Holly Reese, Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Wellness Coach. Holly will describe a variety of holistic techniques used to heal from chronic illness and pain. She will also teach some basic reflexology techniques, … Continue reading

Stressed Out? Anxious? Worried? Try this Visualization Technique to Help You Let It Go

These days we’re inundated with information on why stress, anxiety, and out of control emotions are bad for our health. It lowers our immune response, increases cortisol production and lowers production of sex hormones, digestion is disrupted, sleep is disrupted, … Continue reading