Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia – You Can Heal Yourself Holistically! Blog Series 3

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

In my Series 1 Blog post, I gave an overview of simple holistic steps towards recovering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. In subsequent CFS and FM blog series, I’ll highlight a particular task or wellness technique that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. We’ll take things one small manageable piece at a time. If you follow along with this series and incorporate the holistic techniques into your daily life, you will begin to feel better and better. Moving towards health and wellness takes time and commitment, but every small step you take will move you closer to your goal. If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reply to my blog posts and ask them.

I know that it is well within anyone’s potential to recover from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia using holistic methods, since I’ve done it myself! Read more of my story here.

So, are you ready to heal? Then hang in there, you can do it too!

In my Series 2 Blog, I talked about creating a private, healing space in some corner of your home, a place where you can go to nurture yourself and relax. You want to have time in your private, space every day, even if it’s only five minutes. Carving time out for yourself is critical for your healing regimen.

rainbow healing

This week, in Series 3, I’m going to start introducing you to holistic wellness techniques that you can do in your private, healing place. As I mentioned before, CFS and FMS are all about learning or relearning how to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Until you learn how to take care of yourself and give to yourself, it will be extremely difficult to heal. That is an understatement, but I dislike the word impossible.

This week’s goal: Learning Proper Breath work that will Help You Heal!

The first and one of the most important and powerful holistic wellness techniques that I want you to learn and practice every day is called abdominal breathing. It is the method of breathing that you were born doing naturally. Over time, in our busy, stressed out society, just about everyone morphs from a slow, abdominal breather into a fast, chest breather. Chest breathers take in a lot less oxygen and release less carbon dioxide and other gaseous waste. This type of breathing exacerbates every kind of illness or disease.

In a nutshell, abdominal breathing involves drawing air into lungs and expanding them deeply downwards towards your belly button. You should see your tummy expand, not your chest. And, when you exhale, your tummy should contract and you can imagine squeezing out all the bad air in your lungs like you would squeeze water out of a sponge. Abdominal breathing turns every breath you take into a mini-healing session. It’s power to help you heal cannot be overestimated.

Deep Breaths

For a detailed description of how to perform abdominal breathing and all of its benefits, please check out last month’s blog on abdominal breathing.  Once you understand how to perform abdominal breathing, it’s time to put it into daily practice.

Wellness Assignment #1:  Incorporate Abdominal Breathing into your Daily Life

The wellness assignment for this week is to practice abdominal breathing every chance you get.

Every Day:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, start your day with five abdominal breaths.
  2. Spend at least five minutes a day in your private, healing space and when you are there, practice your abdominal breathing. Allow time to stand still in your private space and set it up so that you are not disturbed by friends or family while you are in your healing space. Play music, light a candle, and practice your abdominal breathing. This is a powerful healing method that we will continue to build upon in subsequent blog posts.
  3. Tie a string around your wrist or set up some kind of visual reminder that you will look at often. When you see it, it is your signal to take five abdominal breaths.
  4. When you perform your nightly ritual to get ready for bed, this is also an excellent time to practice your abdominal breathing. It is naturally a time when we begin to slow down and end our day. So, why not relax yourself even further by practicing your abdominal breathing?
  5. And lastly, when you finally do get into bed, take another five abdominal breaths before you do anything else, such as, picking up a book or chatting with your partner.

This might seem like a lot to think about, but, once you retrain yourself to perform abdominal breathing naturally, eventually, you will no longer have to remind yourself to do it.

Ok, that is your holistic healing assignment for this week. Next week, we will build on our abdominal breathing technique and add in some wellness visualization. We will take it one small, manageable step at a time and you will be able to heal yourself!

Stay tuned, and walk the path of wellness!

If you’d like more personalized help with herbal recommendations and turning your chronic illness into a thing of the past, I’d be happy to help you get started on the road to recovery. You can email me with any questions, or as a bonus for reading this entire blog, if you sign up for an initial wellness consultation and write the code CFS-Blog in the comments section at checkout, you’ll receive free consultation follow up via email for one month!

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I hope you have found this information helpful.

With Love,

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