Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia – You Can Heal Yourself Holistically! Blog Series 7

Stress WordleThis week’s goal: Stress Relief is What You Seek!

Quick Review:

In my Series 1 Blog post, I gave an overview of simple holistic steps towards recovering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. In subsequent CFS and FM blog series, I have been highlighting a particular task or wellness technique that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. We’ll take things one small manageable piece at a time. If you follow along with this series and incorporate the holistic techniques into your daily life, you will begin to feel better and better. Moving towards health and wellness takes time and commitment, but every small step you take will move you closer to your goal. If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reply to my blog posts and ask them.

I know that it is well within anyone’s potential to recover from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia using holistic methods, since I’ve done it myself! Read more of my story here.

Keep the Faith – You Can Do It! Tiny Bite Size Pieces – That’s the Key to Regaining your Health!

Peace of mind.

On to this week’s goal: Stress Relief Techniques!

As I have mentioned before, recovering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia is all about learning how to nurture yourself – on all levels – mind, body, and spirit.

In order to heal from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, it is critical to learn how to release your stress and any trapped or stagnant energy in your body-mind-spirit. In previous blog series 2 through 4, I’ve introduced creating a private healing space, abdominal breathing, and healing with color. This week I’m going to introduce a powerful healing technique to help you release stress, stuck and stagnant energy from your body, mind, and spirit. I call this the Slate Board Healing Technique.

Blank Slate with woman image

While you are learning this technique, it is best to practice in your private healing space or out in nature, so that you can easily focus completely on the task at hand – healing you!

  1. Sit down and get comfortable. You can put on some quiet soothing music, but nothing that will distract you from your healing session.
  2. Begin your abdominal breathing (learned in blog series 3) and clear your mind. Let any worries or concerns fall away, flowing down your body and into the ground. Just spend a few minutes, releasing and imagine that you have a strong connection to the Mother Earth that absorbs all your negative energy easily. Anything you want to release just let it go and the Mother Earth happily receives it as her food. We have a symbiotic relationship with the earth, our negative energy is her nourishment.
  3. Next, imagine in your mind’s eye that there is a blank slate or empty white chalkboard floating in front of you. Once you can see it floating before you, imagine that there is an outline image of your body that appears on your slate board. This is an energetic representation of you.
  4. Now, form the intention that any stress or negative energy that is trapped or present in your body will appear as a dark color in the outline image of yourself. As you form this intention, dark areas may begin to appear within or around your outline image. These are areas that represent stagnant negative energy that can be from injury, illness, stress and emotional or spiritual upset.
  5. Once your image settles, imagine that a waterfall of healing green light energy flows into you from the top of your head down towards your feet. It flows into every cell in your body, healing and transmuting the negative energy within you. It also flows around your image soaking into your entire aura. Take your time and imagine the green energy waterfall cleansing and renewing your entire body and your aura surrounding you.
  6. Your next step is to imagine that the waterfall slowly turns to a pleasing shade of purple, such as lavender deepening to violet. This color brings peace and calm to the body-mind-spirit trinity and also wraps you in a protective cocoon. Allow yourself to absorb this energetic gift for as long as you want.
  7. Lastly, imagine the violet waterfall begins to flow pink as it washes over through and into your aura, body, mind, and spirit. Pink is the color of love, compassion, healing and connection to the All of the Universe. You are nurturing, loving, and healing yourself on all levels. Allow yourself to receive this gift, you are worthy and deserving of health and wellness.
  8. Allow yourself to feel gratitude and appreciation for your healing as you imagine your slate board fading out. Continue your abdominal breathing as you gradually bring your awareness back to the physical plane, where you are now physically – in your private healing place, in nature, or wherever. Great job!

You can use the Slate Board Healing Technique as often as you like, the more, the better. Our thoughts and intentions are powerful energy healing tools. We are energetic beings and we can affect our state of health using these tools. Consider that healing visualizations represent directives that we can use to program our body-mind-spirit. Colors are also an energy vibration and can be used as powerful healing tools. You have the power to heal yourself! I did, you can too!

Holistic Health

We will continue to take things one tiny step at a time, and so, for this week,

Wellness Assignment #7:  Practice the Slate Board Healing Technique!

Every Day:

  1. Continue doing everything that was taught in wellness assignments 1-6. If you need to review them, here are their links:
    1. Series 1 Blog
    2. Series 2 Blog
    3. Series 3 Blog
    4. Series 4 Blog
    5. Series 5 Blog
    6. Series 6 Blog
  2. Your goal is to practice the Slate Board Healing Technique once a day. You can do it when you spend some time in your private healing place, when you are out in nature, or wherever you are alone in a comfortable place.
  3. Your second goal is to do something that allows you to move your body, once a day. This can be a walk, Qigong, Tai Chi, stretching, or other exercise. If you are not able to move your body, you can imagine that you are. Movement heals, even movement that is done in your mind.

Ok, that is your holistic healing assignment for this week. If you can’t do everything, that’s ok, just do what you can and every day try to just a little bit more. Next blog, we will continue tweaking our daily routine. Take it one small, manageable step at a time and you will be able to heal yourself!

Stay tuned, and walk the path of wellness!

If you’d like more personalized help with herbal recommendations and turning your chronic illness into a thing of the past, I’d be happy to help you get started on the road to recovery. You can email me with any questions, or as a bonus for reading this entire blog, if you sign up for an initial wellness consultation and write the code CFS-Blog in the comments section at checkout, you’ll receive free consultation follow up via email for one month!

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I hope you have found this information helpful.

With Love,

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