Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia – You Can Heal Yourself Holistically! Blog Series 8

This week’s goal: Have a Healing Party for You and Your Family and Friends!

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Quick Review:
In my Series 1 Blog post, I gave an overview of simple holistic steps towards recovering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. In subsequent CFS and FM blog series, I have been highlighting a particular task or wellness technique that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. We’ll take things one small manageable piece at a time. If you follow along with this series and incorporate the holistic techniques into your daily life, you will begin to feel better and better. Moving towards health and wellness takes time and commitment, but every small step you take will move you closer to your goal. If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reply to my blog posts and ask them.

I know that it is well within anyone’s potential to recover from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia using holistic methods, since I’ve done it myself! Read more of my story here.

Holly's Story

Keep the Faith – You Can Do It! Tiny Bite Size Pieces – That’s the Key to Regaining your Health!

On to this week’s goal: Throw a Health & Wellness Party!

As I have mentioned before, recovering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia is all about learning how to nurture yourself – on all levels – mind, body, and spirit. And, having a “Wellness Party” is one way of creating a connection with your friends and family, learning that you have something to offer others, while also generating a powerful healing energy that can be received by all in the group!

Eager friends and family

What is involved in creating a Wellness Party?

  1. First, don’t stress out about planning a Wellness Party. This is meant to be a fun and healing event for all involved. The first thing you can do is ask one or more of your friends and family to help you put it together. Don’t try to make it too big, it might overwhelm you. Just think of a few nurturing folks, and then, ask for help. Hold the intention of fun and healing for all involved!
  2. At a Wellness Party, the idea is to create a peaceful and healing environment for the group and then practice some of your mind-body-spirit wellness techniques that we have learning. The healing energy generated is very powerful and you can definitely feel the difference.
  3. I might suggest having one of the attendees put in charge of making a healthy juice or smoothie to bring for guests to nourish themselves. Check out my Blog Series 6 for ideas there.
  4. Put some candles around your wellness room, get some comfy pillows, line up some soothing meditation and healing music. To keep your stress level low, ask someone to be in charge of creating this healing ambience.
  5. When your guests arrive, have someone pour everyone a healthy drink and head to your healing area.
  6. I suggest printing out some of the exercises that we have been learning in this blog series. Then give one exercise to each person. Have them read it and you can explain what you’ve been doing to heal yourself to the group. Then have the group try the exercises. You can rotate through the exercises, having a different person lead each one.
  7. Experiment with different healing exercises. Let people suggest their own holistic healing ideas. Try them out. Most importantly, have some healing fun! The power of healing energy is magnified dramatically by utilizing the synergy of a group focused on a goal.

Peace of mind.

As a Special Bonus for your Wellness Party:

Here is a link to one of my favorite guided healing visualizations. It’s called the “Meadow of Healing Guided Journey.” Have one guest read it for everyone, or better yet, record it first, and then simply play it for the group. I will be making an audio mp3 of this guided visualization in the near future and will announce it when it is available for download.

I told you we will take things one tiny step at a time, and so, for this week,

Wellness Assignment #8: Plan and Have a Health & Wellness Party!

Every Day:

  1. Continue doing everything that was taught in wellness assignments 1-7. If you need to review them, here are their links:
    1. Series 1 Blog
    2. Series 2 Blog
    3. Series 3 Blog
    4. Series 4 Blog
    5. Series 5 Blog
    6. Series 6 Blog
    7. Series 7 Blog
  2. Your goal for this week is to plan a Wellness Party, set a date, and invite your friends and family.

Ok, that is your holistic healing assignment for this week. If you can’t do everything, that’s ok, just do what you can and every day try to just a little bit more. Next blog, we will continue tweaking our daily routine. Take it one small, manageable step at a time and you will be able to heal yourself!

Holistic Health

Stay tuned, and walk the path of wellness!

If you’d like more personalized help with herbal recommendations and turning your chronic illness into a thing of the past, I’d be happy to help you get started on the road to recovery. You can email me with any questions, or as a bonus for reading this entire blog, if you sign up for an initial wellness consultation and write the code CFS-Blog in the comments section at checkout, you’ll receive free consultation follow up via email for one month!

Additionally, if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, I teach an Autoimmune & other Chronic Illnesses Healing Class. You can view the details and register for it by clicking here.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

With Love,


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