Are You Concerned about Osteoporosis? Mother Nature to the Rescue!

Read about one of Mother Nature’s Superstars in Combatting this Insidious Disease!


Before, I introduce our natural food superhero, I’d like you to take a little quiz. Actually, it’s so little it’s only one question. But, the answer could change your life.

If you were told by your doctor that your bone density was low and they were worried about osteoporosis, what one food item listed below, would you choose to eat a whole lot more of?

  1. Whole Milk
  2. Cucumber
  3. Sirloin Steak

Ok, now remember your choice and we’ll come back to the answer in a minute. Osteoporosis is a prevalent disease in our society, but it doesn’t need to be. I believe the biggest problem is that, in our society, when someone hears the word osteoporosis – they most commonly think of calcium deficiency. This is a fallacy that really needs to be corrected, or the prevalence of this disease will continue to increase. You might find it interesting to know that the Eskimos and those populations, like the U.S., that consume the most meat and dairy and receive the most calcium in their diet – also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis! So, what’s really going on?

First, in order to create healthy, strong bones, we don’t just need calcium. We need calcium and magnesium in combination, vitamin K, vitamin D, and the mineral SILICA. Americans have no shortage of calcium in their diet, but one of the key bone-building components that they commonly don’t get enough of is SILICA – the focus of my blog today. Osteoporosis sufferers show significant loss of silica. It has been demonstrated time and again that adding silica into an osteoporosis or bone-healing protocol has offered significant and often miraculous results.

All right, what’s the answer to our quiz? If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s (B) the amazing CUCUMBER!

Amazing Cucumber

Cucumber helps combat osteoporosis in two ways. One is that it is known as the vegetable with the highest silica content and also the most alkaline. If you weren’t aware, the more acidic your blood, the more calcium is stripped from your bones in order to buffer it and return it to a safer, more alkaline pH. The cucumber is amazing for helping you balance your pH. A cucumber a day would go a long way to helping you keep your bones strong and healthy. And bonus, like cinnamon, cucumber improves your body’s response to insulin and is a must have for anyone suffering from diabetes.

I hope you’ve learned something useful in today’s blog, and perhaps you might learn to love this underutilized, but wonderful gift from nature – the CUCUMBER!

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2 thoughts on “Are You Concerned about Osteoporosis? Mother Nature to the Rescue!

  1. Fabulous article! I always enjoy what you share. I’m pleased to find out that cucumber is helpful! With the limited diet I have been on, this is a welcome find!