Thank You Hay House Writer’s Workshop!

On March 22nd-23rd, I attended the Hay House Writer’s Workshop, which was held at the Hilton Downtown San Francisco. What a wonderful and amazing event! Hay House is the leading inspirational and self-help publisher in the world, and their workshops are always packed with information, motivational, and often life-altering.

The speakers for this event were Reid Tracy – the CEO of Hay House, Nancy Levin – the Event Director at Hay House, and Doreen Virtue – the world-renowned inspirational and metaphysical teacher and Hay House’s most successful and prolific author. I’d have to label this particular group of speakers as the “Terrific Trio!”

This workshop was packed full of information and tips for writing, publishing, and how to go about building a platform to help market your book. All of the speakers went out of their way to make sure to answer every single question that was asked. They taught with humor and a down to earth style that made me feel like I was a welcome guest invited over to their house for a fun-filled event. The audience was filled with gifted authors, writers, healers, and Lightworkers, and I made several new friends.

Reid Tracy and Nancy Levin were superb, and the extra special highlight of this event for me was Doreen Virtue.  I have attended many, many events, classes, and workshops that Doreen has been a part of, and she is a talented speaker, a gifted teacher, and selfless person, who has dedicated her life to teaching others how to connect with the Angelic realm and create their grandest vision in life. She is my favorite metaphysical teacher and mentor, and over the years has become a friend.

I started attending Doreen’s workshops in 2005. From the moment I met her, she has been wonderfully kind and supportive of me. At a difficult and transitional moment in my life, Doreen’s kind words and compassion rekindled my desire to continue my healing journey from a horrible chronic illness called MCTD. This was followed by encouragement to write and publish my story of overcoming this horrible illness holistically, even though Western medicine told me there was no hope.

It took five years to write, but resulted in my recently published memoir, “Rising from the Abyss: My Journey into and out of Chronic Illness.” I self-published my book through Balboa Press, which is the self-publishing arm of Hay House. They did an excellent job at all phases of my publishing experience. I wrote my memoir with the intention of inspiring others who are ill and may have lost hope to feel empowered and embark on their own healing journey. I am one of many; we all have the innate power to heal ourselves. I have dedicated my life to helping others with chronic illness to become well.

I was honored at the Writer’s Workshop, when Doreen saw me in the crowd and asked me to come up to the front and share a bit of my story with the other workshop attendees. A brand new friend, named Vanessa, who was seated next to me, was kind enough to snap a few photos when I got up to talk a bit about my story. The audience was strongly supportive and I was touched to be able to share. Every time I attend a Doreen Virtue workshop, she has reached out and enabled me to share and connect with people who needed my help. I feel blessed.

I came away from the workshop feeling empowered and energized to continue on my healer’s journey. I learned new tools to assist me in reaching more people and teaching holistic methods of healing from chronic illness. I recognized how important it is to help each other with our individual life missions.

We are all connected and connectors, assisting and enabling those who touch our lives to move to their next step. We all win by paying it forward!

With Love, Holly

High Blood Pressure? Blend Your Way to Health Series Vol 3

blood pressure conceptual meter

High Blood Pressure is a major health issue in the U.S. According to the CDC, as of 2010 – 67 million American adults (31%) have high blood pressure—that’s 1 in every 3 adults. In addition, high blood pressure costs our nation more than $47.5 billion annually. This includes the cost of health care services, medications, and missed days of work. 

Why is it so important to normalize high blood pressure?

High blood pressure increases your risk for dangerous health conditions, such as, heart attack, stroke, chronic heart failure, and kidney disease.

A huge problem with combatting high blood pressure is that the majority of people are simply thrust onto harmful drugs to control their levels, and then wind up with many more health problems. Fortunately, there are many safe, holistic, affordable methods to lower your blood pressure.

One way is through – great tasting, healthy, and medicinal smoothies! Today I’d like to introduce you to a smoothie recipe that I call:

BP Down Under

Green vegetable smoothie

The focus for this simple smoothie recipe is helping to lower blood pressure. To gain access to the miracle healing phytochemicals in food. You will need a higher power blender such as: a Blendtec, Vitamix, or Nutribullet. Please use organic ingredients; pesticides are not beneficial to your health.

BP Down Under Ingredients:

Celery 10 oz.
Apple 4 oz.
Cucumber 6 oz.
Carrots 3.5 oz.
Almonds 1/2 cup
Mint 3-4 sprigs
Avocado 1/4 whole
Lime 1/8
Filtered Water 8 oz.
Ice cubes 6-8 cubes

Blend all ingredients until silky smooth. You can add more water to thin the mixture, or use less to thicken it.

All of these ingredients are health promoting with lots of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. But the extra mention and the real blood pressure lowering powerhouse of this smoothie is celery. Why celery? Celery actually relaxes the muscles around arteries and lowers blood pressure. Chinese medicine has used celery to lower blood pressure for thousands of years.


An effective protocol to lower blood pressure would be to consume 6-7 stalks of celery per day, along with eliminating caffeine, wheat, and processed sugars from the diet, along with acupuncture. In addition, incorporating stress-reduction techniques into your lifestyle, such as, meditation, qigong, and Tai Chi is also important.

I hope you enjoy BP Down Under and take and the necessary steps to reduce and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

With Love, Holly

New from Fit Women Over 40: Holistic Tips for Fighting off the Flu

Every winter can pose a challenge to stay healthy during flu season. With that in mind, I’m excited to share my recent contribution to Fit Women Over 40. Founded by Deborah Dennis, the Fit Women Over 40 blog includes helpful information, articles, stories, photos and videos for staying in shape after and well beyond your years past 40. This is the first of a two part blog series on how to avoid and remedy a cold and flu.  And don’t forget, Inspire Wellness Center now offers herbal remedies to help you stay healthy year round! Read the blog below:

This year has seen a disturbing increase in the number of flu-related deaths in California, and it is a cause for concern, but certainly, not panic. The purpose of this article is to educate and arm you with simple, effective, natural and holistic methods to prevent or recover from a cold or flu. With the information presented in this article, you will know what to do for yourself, and your family to prepare for and breeze through the cold and flu season.


Of course, the best answer to cold and flu season is not to come down with one in the first place. So, the first part of this article is on prevention. There are many, many things that you can do to help yourself out; and, I’m not talking about getting a flu vaccine. I’m not a proponent of injecting disease, contaminants, and even heavy metals into my body – in the name of prevention. Medical journals have published thousands of articles revealing that injecting vaccines can actually lead to serious health problems including harmful immunological responses and a host of other infections. This further increases the body’s susceptibility to the diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against. For more information on the hazards of flu shots, check out this enlightening article – Flu Shot More Dangerous than Flu. There are much safer, effective, and simple steps that can be taken. In fact, they are so simple that they fall into the Duh Category. But, SOOO FEW of US actually do them. Anyway, here I go…

1] Get enough sleep:

Oh my goodness, if there’s one thing on the list that could wipe out half the colds and flus in the world, it would be everyone getting enough sleep. Our bodies are amazing at fighting off viruses and bacteria, but only if we’re in top physical condition. So, if you feel like something is trying to get you, take heed and hit the sack for some shut eye. During sleep your body can devote all of its resources to fighting off whatever is trying to take hold inside of you.


2] Eat the right foods:

Well, I could go on ad nauseam about getting proper nutrition and all that, but I’ll restrain myself for the moment. Good nutrition is the ammunition your body needs to fight anything, it’s more important than any drugs you can take. If you’re feeling vulnerable to a cold or flu, there are foods that will help you stay strong, and foods that will send out flyers inviting a cold or flu to come and party in your body. Which do you want to eat? So, when you’re feeling vulnerable to getting sick start implementing the tips below until you feel stronger again.

  • First, eat warmer foods that are easily digestible. Cold foods are harder to digest and will drain your body’s resources. Things like salads and sandwiches. This also means that you should not drink cold drinks, but have them at room temperature instead.
  • One of the biggest no no’s, and a direct invite for a cold or flu is to eat dairy products. Dairy creates mucus, lowers your immune response, and slows your digestion to a crawl. So, NO milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, yada yada…
  • The right soups are fabulous. This means thin stock soups, like vegetable, minestrone, and miso soup are wonderful. A little bit of meat in your soup is ok, like fish, chicken or even an egg, but avoid red meat; it’s really hard on you, hard to digest, drains your resources, and lowers your immune response; absolutely, no cheese in your soup, ok? It’s a mucus making machine, all dairy products are.
  • Drink tea, not coffee. Coffee depletes your immune system. It’s hard on your adrenals, kidneys, and heart. Green tea however is good. It is fabulous for boosting your immune system, and is full of antioxidants. Now If you really want to strengthen your immune system, one of the best teas to drink is rosehip tea. Not from a teabag though. Go to a health food store and ask for dried rosehip pieces, not whole rosehips. Why not? Because you’d have to take a hammer and smash them up, that’s why. To make the tea, boil water and pour it over about 3 tablespoons of rosehips and let steep for at least ten minutes. You can use RAW, UNHEATED honey as a sweetener which is full of antibacterial and antiviral enzymes. Good stuff.
  • It’s so obvious, I shouldn’t have to say it, but oh well. NO fried foods and NO processed sugar! You might as well inject yourself with staphylococcus and save some time.
  • Avoid pastries, pastas and any other wheat products, they are cold and flu factories.
  • Basically, the rule is to keep your food simple and easy to digest, and for goodness sake, chew before you swallow, that way you actually get some of the nutrition out of it.

3] Drink enough Water:

Water is the most important cleansing medium for your body to eliminate unwanted garbage. A reasonable estimate would be to say that more than 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. That’s fairly astonishing, but not surprising given our busy, lifestyle. Water is life, our bodies need it to for well, everything. Do yourself a favor, and drink more of it.

4] Preventative Herbal Formulas:

There is one gentle herbal formula that I do recommend to my patients if they are motivated to gradually build their immune system over time, or take preventative herbal measures for an upcoming cold and flu season. It’s called Yu Ping Feng Wan or Jade Windscreen. I’ve taken Yu Ping Feng Wan myself for many years, and it’s been many years since I’ve come down with a cold or flu. If you want to do yourself a favor, and prep for the cold and flu season, I recommend taking Yu Ping Feng Wan beginning in August, and continue taking it throughout the season. You can discontinue when you feel the danger is passed. You can also take Yu Ping Feng Wan for a much longer term, years, if desired. It’s a great way to gradually build your immune system up. It’s subtle, but eventually, (especially if you’ve fixed your nutrition and sleeping habits) colds and flus will be a thing of the past. I do have one caveat; stop taking Yu Ping Feng Wan if you do catch a cold or flu for as long as you’re sick and then wait to start up again until after you’re well. Since Yu Ping Feng Wan is tonifying it could strengthen a cold or flu if you continued taking it while you’re not feeling well.

If you’re going to put yourself in harm’s way of a cold or flu – such as, visiting your tiny nieces or nephews or flying on a plane or must be around someone who’s hacking their lungs up – then you can take Gan Mao Ling or Yin Chiao Wan, as extra protection and prevention during your time of exposure. Either one is just as effective.

You can see the blog at Fit Women Over 40 and stay tuned for Part Two.  If you feel like your immune system could use a boost, order your preventative herbal formulas today!

Reflexology You Can Do at Home

Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic healing modality that is accomplished by applying pressure to points on the hands and feet. It has been practiced in China and Egypt for thousands of years. The entire body is reflected in different areas of the hands and feet, so reflexology can be used  to give a healing treatment to any part of the body.


During and after a reflexology treatment, the recipient will experience a sensation of relaxation, decreased pain in the body, and improved circulation and digestion. There are many more positive physiological changes that also occur with consistent sessions.

Blood flow is increased, the immune system is strengthened, and every organ is given a healing treatment. Reflexology is quite effective for pain management and significantly lessens recovery time from injuries or illness. It also significantly aids digestion, relieves constipation, improves sleep, and much more. And, your poor overworked feet will love you all the more!


Don’t worry about the cost of a session. The great news is that reflexology is easy to do on oneself. I recommend daily ten minute reflexology sessions. While one can apply pressure to the points on the foot using your fingers, there is an even easier way without tiring out your hands.

golf_ball_xsIntroducing the Amazing Golf Ball!

I love to use a golf ball. Hang onto a chair, wall, or table to keep your balance while resting your foot on top of the golf ball. Press down hard enough to feel the sore areas on your foot. Move your foot in small circles on top of the golf ball, while keeping pressure on those tender areas. Work your way around the entire bottom of your foot, digging out all the tension and soreness you can find.

When you’ve finished with the bottom of each foot, sit down and use your hand to press the golf ball onto the top of your foot. Move the ball in small circles until you’ve worked on the entire top of your foot. Next, if you pick up the golf ball and sandwich it between the palms of your hands, you can give yourself a hand reflexology treatment.

A reflexology session a day will most certainly help keep the doctor away!

With love,