The Hummingbird’s Sacred Message

Photo by Glenn Bartley.

Photo by Glenn Bartley.

The word totem originates from the Ojibwe tribe of North America but the belief that animals serve as meaningful symbols spans cultures across the globe, from Ancient Egypt to the Arctic. The hummingbird animal totem represents my vision for the Inspire Wellness Center. The swift bird is considered a sacred messenger representing timeless joy, energy, and the healing nectar of plants.

Hummingbirds are associated with several Native American dances whose purpose is to return natural balance to the world. In the Andes of South America, the hummingbird is considered a symbol of resurrection because it appears lifeless in the cold of night but springs back in the warmth of sunrise.

The symbol of the hummingbird parallels my experience as a chronic illness survivor. In Rising from the Abyss: My Journey into and out of Chronic Illness, I describe how I found my way back to good health by embracing natural remedies.

Like the messenger hummingbird, I share my story so that you too can find holistic healing alternatives for the prevention and management of chronic illness.

With Love, Holly

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