The information below contains links to useful health and wellness resources. This page will by updated as I find worthy sources of information.

The American Holistic Health Association has a wealth of holistic information and resources.

An extremely useful resource for me has been Dr. Mercola's website:

One thing I should mention is that there is so much information on this site, it can be a bit overwhelming. I will point out links to specific articles or products in my blog posts, from time to time, that I believe are relevant to my current topic and will provide further insight or understanding.

Qi Revolution - This is an organization created by Jeff Primack to teach people about the practice of Qigong and its amazing health benefts. They also teach about food-healing, nutrition, massage, fitness, reflexology and more. Their classes are extremely well-taught and provide a wealth of wellness knowledge and skills. 

If you're local to the Bay Area, CA and want to get physically fit or learn a practical martial arts style. Then, I highly recommend checking out DJ's Martial Arts Studio. It's located at 4116 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland, CA.

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