Rising from the Abyss: My Journey into and out of Chronic Illness

Rising from the Abyss: My Journey into and out of Chronic Illness
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Rising from the Abyss: My Journey into and out of Chronic Illness

Written by Holly Reese, MSOM, L.Ac. Available in soft cover, hard cover, and eBook formats!  Place your order here and all copies will be signed by the author!

"Holly Reese's gripping odyssey to the edge of despair and back is one of rare beauty and powerful insight. While she graphically plumbs the raw reality of chronic illness, Ms. Reese ultimately draws redemption and healing from seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Told with keen wit and a self-deprecating humor that captivates the reader, this beautiful tale of survival against the odds is essential for others challenged by devastating ill health. She exemplifies the truth that our greatest weapon against illness lays not in hospitals or laboratories but within one's own inner spirit. This remarkable, triumphant story offers a 'light in the darkness', and is one I will definitely recommend to patients."

-Ursula McGarry MD, Emergency and Family Medicine, Almonte, Ontario, Canada

 "Holly's story is the epitome of what it takes to conquer chronic illness, she moves you from total pain and dark desperation through her quest for her personal holy grail in this powerful voyage of self-healing and transformation. I drank in her book and felt uplifted by her message. Her name should be Holly Hope. It’s the ultimate healing miracle story, a pure gem for truth and result seekers and health professionals." 

-Marina Dufort, Bestselling Author of Aromatherapy Secrets for Wellness, www.marinamermaid.com

Holly's journey from the depths of hopelessness and despair is a gift to all who are suffering from earthly physical & mental "dis-eases". Sharing Her heart and soul with all of us reveals what a true LIGHTWORKER & healer is.  This is a story that will touch your soul, giving the reader hope, joy, laughter, & love in the mist of unbearable misery.

-Sarah Dennison, PhD, founder of holistic health center - "Beams of Light"

"Holly writes an amazing story of her spiritual awakening and self-healing journey back from the abyss of an extremely debilitating illness. Her story shows us everything from the power of simple breathing exercises to visualizations, juicing and other holistic medical alternatives. We can all learn from Holly: to be open to experiencing new things, to never lose hope, and that healing comes through never giving up on yourself..."

Deborah Dennis, Editor: Fit Women Over 40, www.fitwomenover40.com

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