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Lamorinda Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Healing Class

Lamorinda Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Healing Class
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Lamorinda Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Healing Class

Are you suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease or other chronic illness that is affecting your ability to lead a happy, productive life? Are you feeling alone and needing to find a supportive community? Are you having difficulty with your relationships with friends, family, or significant other?

Then, this 6 week introductory healing class could be just the right springboard for you! Register Today!

This is a class for those suffering from chronic illness, especially, autoimmune disorders like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, etc. Anyone suffering from a chronic illness, who is ready to learn, heal, and support others, is welcome.

About the instructor:

Hello, my name is Holly, I'm an acupuncturist, wellness coach, and author of the book, "Rising from the Abyss: My Journey into and out of Chronic Illness." My book is a memoir about my own decade long holistic journey of recovery from a nearly fatal autoimmune illness called mixed connective tissue disorder. It included chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, Raynaud's, GERD, loss of digestive motility, difficulty swallowing, numbness, nerve pain, and more.

Western medicine offered me no hope for a cure, only harmful drugs. Thankfully, I didn't listen. Now, I've got my health back, I feel great, and I've dedicated my life to helping as many others, suffering from chronic illness, as I can to get their lives back. That's why I started this introductory healing class. It is meant to provide you with the basic framework for creating health and wellness holistically. This class is a gateway.

About the class:

This class will introduce various holistic healing techniques, practice them each session, help members set wellness goals and begin to move towards wellness and recovering a productive life. Register Today!

By the end of the 6 week class, if you decide you are ready to continue on with a dedicated Healing Group, you may apply to join my private and limited membership Chronic Illness Healing Circle. Because it does take hard work and commitment, along with strong support to heal, I created the Chronic Illness Healing Circle. In this group, I share and teach you all the wellness techniques that I used to become well.

Healing in a community is much easier than going it alone. This introductory class and ongoing Healing Groups are about positivity. Our focus will be on learning and healing and providing positive feedback and support. It is not a gathering for negative feedback or complaining.

So, open yourself up to the possibilities., Come join us and get started with this introductory healing class. I applaud and encourage you with all my heart! We all have the innate ability and power to heal! Join us as we learn and heal together.

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