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Hypnosis Coaching

Hypnosis Coaching
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Hypnosis Coaching

What is Hypnosis?
Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep. It is rather, as contemporary research suggests, a wakeful state of focused attention, heightened suggestibility, and with diminished peripheral awareness. It is a normal and natural state that most of us experience several times a day. In other words, hypnosis is a state wherein the conscious mind is so intensely focused upon a narrow range of awareness, that other influences are not being critically analyzed by the conscious mind. We still hear them, although we are not always aware.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can assist you in reinforcing and strengthening decisions you’ve already made for yourself about goals you wish to achieve. It involves hearing and receiving suggestions that will lead you into a relaxed, yet focused state of awareness. This is very similar to the state of being ‘zoned out’ in front of the TV or Computer. It happens easily through natural relaxation and focus of attention. You are aware and alert and if you need to get up or interrupt yourself you can, but you are focused intently on what you are doing. The more you allow yourself to relax and focus your attention on the suggestions given (just like when you are watching a movie following the story), the more receptive you will be to that suggestion, and the more likely you are to agree with and act on that suggestion. Of course, any suggestion you don’t agree with will simply be rejected. You can always reject any suggestion given to you that you don’t wish to reinforce. Hypnosis is not mind control, and cannot make you do something you don’t want to do. Neither the hypnotist, nor the hypnosis can make you reinforce decisions you do not wish to make.

When you utilize hypnosis properly, you can gain significant leverage over unhealthy, unproductive, or unwanted habits. Especially the ones you often do without thinking, and then catch yourself, after the fact. For example, this can result in quitting smoking far easier than ever before, losing unwanted pounds naturally and easily, without drugs or diets, and without it being a constant struggle. You can even use hypnosis to reduce stress and maintain a healthy mind and body.
Hypnosis Session
Although there are numerous hypnosis CD's, books, and videos available, live and customized sessions with a qualified hypnotist do produce the best results. It allows your hypnotist to tailor the program specifically to your special and unique needs so you can get the most from your experience.

Suggestions are not generic and impersonal. They are given to you in a way that accurately reflects how you’re perceiving the problem, and that follow your unique decision making process. Private sessions are completely focused on your particular situation. As a result, they are more engaging, more personalized, more fun, and ultimately more effective.

As part of your session, you will receive guidance on how to perform self-hypnosis, so that you may continue to reinforce your decisions and goals.

The number of treatment sessions depends on the seriousness of your condition. A typical course of hypnosis treatment is 5 sessions, although significant improvements can occur after just a few visits. Your first visit may take 90 minutes, with subsequent visits lasting about 60 minutes.
How Do I Get Started?
Simply purchase a session and you'll be contacted via email or call us at 925-878-8450.

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