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IWC Detox and Renew Program

IWC Detox and Renew Program
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IWC Detox and Renew Program

Inspire Wellness Center Detox Cleanse Program

The Inspire Wellness Center offers an amazingly, effective detoxifying cleanse that takes 14 days to complete. It provides you with all meals, excluding meat - on the days you are allowed some meat. All the work is done for you, everything is prepared by Holly, who leads you step by step through this life altering detoxification cleanse to completion. It moves your body through the traditional detox cleanse at a faster pace using the healthy smoothie blendings and Holly’s “Juice of Life.” You are provided with soups, salads, healthy smoothies, the liver cleanse recipe, the phenomenal Longevity Tea, and the “Juice of Life”.

The IWC Detox Cleanse begins by doing a rapid tapering down of all the traditional no-no's, such as, alcohol, caffeine, wheat, and dairy. But, Holly's healthy smoothies, nutritional salads and soups and powerful "Juice of Life" will keep you well energized and sated all throughout the cleanse. After you make it through the two day liver flush at the height of the cleanse, you will be on a roll and feeling revitalized after dumping toxins that have been trapped in your body. You will continue on Holly's smoothies and "Juice of Life", adding salads and soups back in at the end of the cleanse.

Congratulations, the detox cleanse is over! You can now have whatever you want, but more likely than not, there will be food items you no longer want to include in your diet.

A food log is provided and it is recommended that you complete it and note how you feel each day. It will guide you in creating a healthier on-going diet after you finish this amazing life-changing cleanse. The Inspire Wellness Center Detox Cleanse is the only one of its kind. The massive amounts of fiber in the smoothies effectively provide a stress-free way to do a colonic, plus the liver detox, along with more nutrition then you’ve had in years. After purging your toxins and parasites and super-charging your system, you may find yourself wanting to sprint to the top of Mt. Shasta!

So, don't delay! Give yourself the gift of a healthy renewal!

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