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Qigong Training

Qigong Training
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Qigong Training

One of the most powerful self-healing practices that you can add to your Wellness toolkit is the practice of Qigong. Watching someone perform Qigong  is similar to watching someone performing Tai Chi movements (TCM). However, Qigong is specifically, medically oriented based upon the principles of TCM. Our individualized Qigong training sessions will teach you the proper combination of movements, breath and intention that will focus on your specific health concerns and goals.

In one or two, 60-90 minute training sessions, you will learn a Qigong medical exercise set that you can practice at home or just about anywhere. With just 5-10 minutes of practice a day, you will be improving your health dramatically. Best of all, once you learn how to perform your Qigong sets properly, they can be continued for a lifetime of health benefits.
How Do I Get Started?
Simply purchase a session and you'll be contacted via email or call us at 925-878-8450.

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