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Medical Qigong Treatments

Medical Qigong Treatments
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Medical Qigong Treatments

What is Qigong?
Qigong is one of the main branches of healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. It was developed during the Era of Warring States in China (5th Century BC - 2nd Century BC). Essentially, Qigong is the practice of accumulating and cultivating vital life-force energy in the body. There are three different schools of Qigong: medical, martial and spiritual. Our focus is on medical Qigong or the cultivation of energy specifically to preserve and restore health. It consists of techniques that relax and integrate the mind and body, as well as strengthen and restore the physical body.

Qigong involves the combination of proper posture and movement, proper breathing, and guided intention. Proper posture and movement allow the body's energy to flow more freely throughout the meridians and tissues. Proper breathing calms the nervous system while providing the body's tissues with more oxygen. Guided intention (meditation and visualization) involves focusing the mind on a specific wellness goal. All three are essential in order to receive the full benefits of Qigong. It provides the practitioner with a greater degree of control over the aging process. Qigong practice has been linked to improved circulation, reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, reduced chronic pain, and improved immune function.

At the Inspire Wellness Center™, there are two types of Qigong available. One is Medical Qigong performed by our staff on the client, as a regular treatment session. The other is a Qigong training session to teach the client the Qigong medical exercise sets most beneficial for their unique situation.
Medical Qigong Practitioner Treatment
Medical Qigong therapy is the practice of using or manipulating Qi to heal another person. It involves the application of Qigong healing principles to bring a client's body, mind, and spirit back into balance. A Medical Qigong treatment is similar to receiving an acupuncture session in effectiveness and scope, but without the needles. On your initial visit, the practitioner will perform an in-depth medical and lifestyle history, followed by an exam that may involve abdominal palpation or palpation of involved meridians on the body. Once a diagnosis and treatment have been determined, the actual Qigong session will begin.

The practitioner has already performed their own preparatory Qigong clearing exercises. This allows the practitioner to use their own breathing and guided intention to direct the energy of the patient, and restore the proper flow of qi along the meridians. The practitioner's hand are generally held a few inches above the client's body. However, the practitioner may also touch meridian points or channels, directly on the body, for enhanced effect. The practitioner will guide the patient with proper breath and intention during the session.

The number of treatment sessions depends on the seriousness of your condition. A typical course of qigong treatment is 10 sessions, although significant improvements can occur after just a few visits. Your first visit may take 90 minutes, with subsequent visits lasting about 60 minutes.
 How Do I Get Started?
Simply purchase a session and you'll be contacted via email or call us at 925-878-8450.

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